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Classes & Services

At LiveInPeace, you can find a variety of classes and sessions to help you with your vitality and well being.  We have everything from restorative cooking classes, to Garden Guidance Tours, to individualized 1-on-1 sessions designed to meet your needs.


We provide products to help you LiveInPeace. Sometimes it is tea that you need, sometimes it is an oxymel and sometimes it is a custom formula just for you.


About Keneuoe

Everything we consume influences the way we feel. Food has the power to prevent and restore much of our every day aches and pains. Plus it is the best tasting medicine ever! Become a member and enjoy the delicious whole food recipes on this website. Or discover how to cultivate a small thriving garden and how to create easy remedies for chronic ailments. Or just take a stroll, go for a walk and explore your internal landscape. Awaken your natural wisdom and live in peace.