Live in Peace Botanical Perfume - Resurrection remember what needs to be remembered

Aromatherapy is the art and science of healing, influencing and enhancing our physical, mental and spiritual moods using energy patterns (aromas) of a plant spirit or a plant life force. We are aware of transforming powers of scents in our everyday lives. We are constantly stimulated, consciously and/or unconsciously, by aromas around us from the simple smell of a savory meal cooking and triggering hunger in us to the smell of fresh pine triggering childhood memories of being in the wild.

Live in peace scents aim to capture and harness expressions of these energy patterns of a plant spirit and use them to support, heal, and influence us physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually as we move through changes in our lives. These gifts of nature are meant to sponsor tranquility in us and help trigger remembering and awakening of our innate life force. This helps us to freely navigate life stages in our devotion to growth. They help trigger remembering and awakening of our innate life force. Different botanical energetic expressions support us at different stages.

Resurrection Botanical Perfume

Resurrection formula is a sensual incantation; a reminder of one’s spirit mission. It replenishes vitality with self-love and encourages us to stay the course of our personal journey and strengthen our devotion to growth and manifestation. This perfume supports us in seeking unity with the self within. It is imbued with courage, and a clear flow of creative energy for swift action to achieve our desired goals.

Wild Rose – Encourages boldness, arouses passion for life and positive universal heart connections to all beings while still supporting healthy boundaries. It also clears without fear and distortions.

Wild Sage – Supports flow into one’s destiny with greater power & bliss, helps us digest and assimilate life lessons and remember what needs to be remembered for fluidity and flow of true path.

The blend is balanced and potentiated by powerfully healing, nourishing and uplifting oils such as coconut oil.

Live in Peace

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